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We are committed to encouraging all beekeepers to obtain the BBKA Basic Qualification. To take this qualification you must be a member of BBKA and have had two seasons beekeeping experience. The examination is a mixture of practical (including examining a hive and making a frame) and informal questioning about general bee craft (including bee biology, swarm control and bee diseases) taken by an external examiner.

The present cost is 18. On successful completion of the exam, members will be awarded a a BBKA certificate, badge and a CBKA polo shirt. Information from BBKA, the syllabus and application forms can be downloaded here  Before applying please contact our Examination officer Tom Rettig for further information and advice (he will need to sign your application form).

Once you have passed the Basic Assessment you can continue your bee studies by preparing to sit the written BBKA Module exams. If you are of a more practical nature you can study for the General and Advanced Husbandry Assessments, these are both hands-on assessments. We already have several members who are working their way through the Modules and Husbandry Assessments, and some who have completed the full set. Once you have passed all the Modules and both Husbandry assessments the BBKA will award you the title of Master Beekeeper.

Details of the BBKA Modules - Here

Details of General Husbandry - Here

If you would like to obtain further training there is a list of resources you may find helpful here