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This section of the website is designed for members of Cleveland Beekeepers Association to offer items relating to beekeeping for private sale or exchange. It is not open to commercial suppliers or the general public. Listing on this site (which is free to members and usually for one month ) does not imply any endorsement by the association of the items offered, however it is expected that items will be of serviceable quality, clean and where appropriate sterilized.

We also keep a list of members wanting bees and those with bees to sell or give away. Bees should be of good temperament, with a marked queen and conform to APHA guidelines. We will only act as an intermediary and prices should be negociated between the two parties. If you want to go on this list or have bees to sell please contact BeeMart

Adverts will only be accepted if submitted at BeeMart


The Sale of Jars has been temporarily suspended while we are in lockdown

The Association has again bulk purchased Honey Jars. These come factory clean with lids on. We have :-

  • 1lb Jars - Box of 72 - 24.00
  • 12oz Hex jars - Tray of 33 - 9.00
  • 8oz Hex Jars - Tray of 41 - 10.00
  • 12oz and 1lb replacement metal lids - 1.00 for 10
  • 1lb lids plastic - 60p for 10.

From : Sal Mancina


For Sale - 5 national double brood hives. These are overwintered colonies of Buckfast strain, with last year's queens of good temperament. With brood, stores, roofs, crown board, floor + insert, frames, queen excluders, stand, straps etc - plus two supers with drawn combs per hive. They are very productive, and all ready for this year's crop. 325 for each complete hive with bees.

From :Barnaby Smit, Tel 07876010889


You can order our range of branded clothing (Polo shirts, Sweat Shirts and Fleeces) from :-

From : Motif8, Stephenson Street, Gladstone Industrial Estate, Stockton, TS17 6AL. Tel 01642 601501


Honey buckets are again available. Two for 10.00 one with a honey valve and one without. These are our standard recycled food grade 20kg buckets with orange lids.

From : Graham Clarke


Beekeeping top with attached hood and waterproof bottoms, size 44”. Free for collection in Guisbrough.

From : Eileen Midgley Tel 01287 632822